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Good for sport fans


Sport News Radio | The SPORT websiteit has been on the air since 2019, placing journalistic articles and podcasts on the online and internet market. The journalistic material is divided into 2 types: reports and interviews, allowing Internet users to navigate well through media content.

Sport News Radio | The SPORT websiteis in line with the market dynamics that are established in the age of information technology and mobile devices, reporting independently and impartially.

Presented in desktop format and mobile version,Sport News Radio | The SPORT websiteit is published with the possibility of being shared on social networks,   making its access attractive and easy to navigate.


He is a professional journalist who works at Rádio Mares do Sul in Marechal Deodoro - AL, who studied Social Communication with a qualification in Journalism at UFAL and who develops a work with an emphasis on sports reporting, mainly on football.

Some sports coverage has already been remarkable, it covered a game of the Brazilian Football Team valid for the World Cup Qualifiers, CSA and CRB matches in Series A and B of the Brazilian Championship, Copa do Brasil and Copa do Nordeste respectively. In addition to several other games and sporting events from various sports.

It also has material published on the news portal of the Municipality of Marechal Deodoro, but currently produces content exclusively for this site.


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